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Stock Travel Photography Gallery - Keyword Search for images from China

Lon: 102.00° Lat: 36.89°         Flag:    Flag for China

There are 387 images for the country: China
in the High Resolution Stock Travel Imagery Database. Visit the China Photo Gallery.

Search by State (8):   Beijing   Gansu   Hebei   Nei Mongol   Ningxia   Shaanxi   Shanxi   Xinjiang
Search by City (35):   Astana   Beijing   Changping   Chengde   Dunhuang   Erenhot   Gaochang   Ghez   Hohhot   Hotan   Hunyuan   Ji Xian   Jiayuguan   Jinshanling   Karakul   Kashgar   Kongtong Shan   Luntai   Mogao   Mutianyu   Pingliang   Qian Xian   Saihan Tal   Shache   Shandan   Shufu   Turpan   Wuwei   Xian   Xuan Hua   Yengisar   Yongjing   Yungang Shiku   Zhangye   Zhongwei

Each map-marker identifies a city located in the search.

Search by Keyword (1083):   1442,   abakh,   abundance,   access,   accommodation,   across,   admire,   adobe,   adobe tombs,   adult,   adults only,   advertisement,   alone,   alphabet,   ancient,   ancient civilization,   animal,   animal head,   animal market,   animal representation,   animals in the wild,   animal themes,   antiquities,   apartment,   aquatic,   arch,   archaeology,   archer,   architectural,   architectural feature,   architecture,   architecture and art,   archway,   area,   armed,   army soldier,   arrangement,   arriving,   art,   art and craft,   artistic,   art product,   arts,   asia,   astana,   attendants,   autumns,   autumns pavilion,   awaiting,   away,   baby boy,   background,   backgrounds,   baked,   baked food,   banner,   banners,   base,   basket,   baskets,   battlement,   battlements,   bayonets,   beard,   beautiful,   beauty in nature,   behind,   beihai,   beihai lake,   beijing,   belief,   bell,   bells,   bench,   between,   bicycle,   bicycles,   big goose,   billowing,   bingling,   bingling si,   bing si,   bing si buddhist,   bishu,   bishu shanzhuang,   bishu shanzhuang park,   black,   blue,   blue jacket,   blue sky,   board,   boat,   boating,   boating lake,   border,   bowls,   box,   boy,   boys,   bread,   bread buns,   brick,   brick wall,   bridge,   brown,   bubbles,   bucket,   buddha,   buddhas,   buddha temple,   buddhist,   building,   building exterior,   build structure,   built structure,   buns,   burner,   burns,   busy,   butcher,   buying,   calculator,   camera,   canadian,   canopy,   canyon,   cap,   capital letter,   car,   carcasses,   cards,   carnivorous,   carpet,   carrying,   cart,   carts,   carved,   carving,   caves,   cemetery,   ceramic,   chairman,   chairman mao,   chance,   changping,   character,   characters,   chengde,   child,   childhood,   children,   china,   chinamen,   chinese,   chinese-style,   chinese armed,   chinese culture,   chinese ethnicity,   chinese flag,   chinese ladies,   chinese script,   chinese statue,   chinese tourists,   chinese travellers,   chinese travelling,   chinese truck,   chinese visitors,   circular,   city,   clean,   cleaner,   cleaning,   cleans,   cliffs,   climb,   close-up,   closeup,   cloth,   cloth cap,   clothes,   clothing,   cloud,   clouds,   cobble stone,   cock,   collecting water,   colonnade,   colored,   colors,   colour,   colourful,   column,   commerce,   commercial sign,   communication,   communication sign,   communism,   communist leader,   compatible,   construction,   contemplation,   corn,   corpse,   costume,   cottage,   courage,   court,   courtyard,   craft,   craftsman,   creativity,   crescent,   crops,   crosses,   crossing,   crossing post,   crowds,   cucumber,   cucumbers,   culture,   curios,   custom,   customer,   cute,   cutting,   dagoba,   dating,   datong,   daughter,   day,   dazhao,   deaf,   death,   decorative,   deer,   depression,   desert,   design,   detail,   digital,   digital camera,   dinosaur,   discuss,   display,   display-boxes,   dome,   domestic animal,   domestic animals,   dominates,   donkey,   donkey-cart,   door,   doorway,   doppa,   down,   dragon,   dragon carving,   dragons,   draped,   dress,   dressed,   dresses,   dried,   drinking,   dunes,   dunhuang,   east asian culture,   eastern,   eastern qing tombs,   eating,   eaves,   eggs,   elaborate,   elaborate pagoda,   elderly,   elementary age,   embroidered,   emperor,   emperors,   enjoyment,   entertainment,   entrance,   entrances,   entry,   epoch,   erenhot,   erlian,   erlian border,   event,   examine,   examining,   examples,   exterior,   extinct,   eyewear,   facade,   face,   facial hair,   family,   famous place,   fan,   farm animal,   farming,   farmland,   fat-tailed,   felt,   female,   female likeness,   fields,   figurine,   figurines,   fish,   fishing,   flag,   flag pole,   flags,   flat,   flat bread,   flora,   flower,   flying,   folding fan,   food,   food & drink,   food and drink,   forbidden city,   forest,   fork,   for sale,   fort,   fortified,   four people,   framed,   freshness,   front,   fruit,   full frame,   full length,   fun,   fur,   fur-rimmed,   furniture,   future,   gamble,   gambling,   game,   game of chance,   gansu,   gao,   gaochang,   gao temple,   gardener,   gardeners,   gate,   gate of heavenly peace,   gate of supreme harmony,   gateway,   general,   ghez,   giant,   gilded,   gilded lion,   girl,   girlparasol,   girls,   glasses,   globe,   god,   gold,   gold-colored,   golden,   goldfish,   good,   good-luck,   good harvests,   gorge,   grandfather,   grandparent,   grass,   grave,   graves,   grazing,   grazing herd,   great,   great wall,   great wall of china,   great wall of history,   green,   greenery,   green tea,   greet,   greets,   grid,   grief,   group,   group of objects,   group of people,   grow,   growth,   guard,   guardian,   gun,   hair,   hall,   hall of prayer,   handle,   handmade,   hanging,   happiness,   harmony,   harvests,   hat,   have,   head-scarf,   head and shoulders,   headdress,   headless,   headscarf,   headwear,   heaven,   heavenly,   hebei,   herbivorous,   heroes,   high angle view,   high section,   highway,   hire,   historic,   historic building,   history,   hohhot,   hoja,   holding,   hook,   horizontal,   horse,   horses,   horse trader,   hotan,   huguosi,   human face,   human relationship,   human representation,   hunyuan,   hut,   ideogram,   id kah,   idyllic,   imitation,   imperial,   imperial court robes,   in a row,   incense,   include,   independence,   information,   inner,   inner mongolia,   innocence,   instrument,   interior,   international landmark,   jacket,   jade,   jiaohe,   jiayuguan,   jingshan,   jingshan park,   jinlong,   jinshanling,   ji xian,   join,   karakoram,   karakoram highway,   kara kul,   karakul,   karakul lake,   kashgar,   khocho,   kneeling,   known,   kongtong,   kong tong shan,   kongtong shan,   kumtagh,   ladder,   ladies,   lady,   lake,   lamasery,   landmark,   landscape,   lane,   language,   lantern,   lanterns,   large group of animals,   large group of objects,   large group of people,   leader,   leadership,   leaves,   leisure activity,   lettuce,   lifestyle,   lifestyles,   light,   lighting,   lily,   line,   lines,   ling,   lion,   living,   loaves,   local,   local-language,   longevity,   looking,   looking at camera,   looks,   low angle view,   lucky,   luggage,   luntai,   lush foliage,   main,   makers,   makeup,   male,   male likeness,   mammal,   man,   mao,   marble,   market,   mature adults,   mature man,   mature men,   meaning,   meat,   media,   melons,   members,   memorial,   memories,   men,   meridian,   meridian gate,   metal,   mid-adult man,   mid adult,   military occupation,   minaret,   mis-spelt,   mixed age range,   mode of transport,   modern,   modern architectural,   mogao,   monastery,   mongolian,   monk,   monument,   moslem,   mosque,   mother,   motor vehicle,   mountain,   mountain range,   mountains,   mule,   multi-colored,   multi-layered,   multicoloured,   multi coloured,   museum,   musical,   musical instrument,   musicians,   muslim,   mutianyu,   nature,   nectarines,   nei mongol,   newspaper,   newspapers,   next,   ningxia,   niya,   non-motorised vehicle,   non-urban scene,   non-western script,   noodles,   no people,   north-east asia,   number 1,   nuts,   occupation,   office,   old,   one,   one animal,   one boy only,   one child only,   one girl,   one girl only,   one man,   one man only,   one mid adult man,   one mid adult man only,   one person,   one senior man,   one senior man only,   one woman,   one woman only,   one young man,   one young man only,   one young woman only,   only girl,   only men,   only women,   on the move,   open,   orange,   order,   original,   original color,   other,   outdoors,   outside,   over,   paddy,   pagoda,   pagoda-roofed,   pagoda-style,   pagodas,   pagoda style,   painted,   painting,   paintwork,   palace,   palace of heavenly purity,   palm tree,   pamir,   paper,   parade,   parent,   park,   parked,   parking,   party,   pass,   passage,   passers-by,   past,   pasties,   patches,   paths,   patriotism,   pavilion,   peace,   peaches,   people,   performing,   personal effects,   photograph,   photographic themes,   photographing,   photography,   photography themes,   physical geography,   picture,   picture frame,   piggy back,   pillars,   pine,   pingliang,   pink,   pit,   pit number 1,   pit number 2,   place of interest,   place of worship,   plaited,   plant,   plastic,   plastic bubbles,   plateau,   playing,   playing card,   point of interest,   pole,   political leader,   politics,   portrait,   poses,   posing,   post,   potatoes,   pottery,   powder,   powders,   practise,   prayer,   prayer flags,   preparing,   preschooler,   preserving,   price,   pride,   primrose,   print media,   protect,   protection,   proud,   public transport,   punched,   purity,   pushes,   pushing,   putuozongcheng,   putuozongcheng temple,   qian,   qian xian,   qing,   quarters,   railing,   railway,   railways,   rainbow,   rainbow arch,   rammed-mud,   range,   ranks,   read,   reading,   real people,   rear view,   rebuilding,   reconstructed,   reconstruction,   red,   red flag,   reflection,   relaxation,   religion,   religions,   renmin,   repair,   repetition,   replica,   representation,   residence,   residential structure,   resort,   resting,   retail,   revolution,   rice,   rickshaws,   ride,   rifles,   river,   road,   road marking,   robed,   robes,   rock,   roof,   roofed,   roofs,   rooftop,   rooster,   roses,   ruins,   rural scene,   sacred,   sacrifice,   sadness,   saihan tal,   sale,   sand,   sand dune,   sandstone,   scenics,   school-children,   school of fish,   sculpture,   sea life,   seat,   second,   second gateway,   section,   security,   see,   seed,   seeds,   seen,   seller,   selling,   sells,   senior adult,   sentry,   sequined,   services,   sesame,   shaanxi,   shache,   shan,   shandan,   shanxi,   shanzhuang,   shearing,   sheep,   shiguan,   shiguan gorge,   shirt,   shoal,   shoal of goldfish,   shop,   shopping,   show,   showing,   shufu,   shunzhi,   shunzhi emperor,   sign,   signs,   silhouette,   silk,   similar,   singing,   single object,   sit,   sits,   sitting,   skirt,   skullcap,   sky,   skyscrapers,   slope,   small,   smaller,   smile,   smiling,   snake,   snakes,   snow-capped,   snow-covered,   snow capped mountains,   soldier,   soldiers,   solitude,   some,   son,   sons,   southern,   southern entrance,   souvenirs,   spirit,   spirituality,   spirit way,   sport & recreation,   square,   stairs,   stall,   standing,   stands,   statue,   statues,   stellae,   steps,   steps and staircases,   stew,   stick,   sticks,   stone,   stone table,   stone wall,   stop,   street,   streets,   street scene,   student,   students,   stupa,   stupas,   suit,   sumeru,   sumeru happiness and longevity,   sumeru longevity,   summer,   summer resort,   sun,   sunday,   sunday market,   sunset,   supreme,   surrounded,   suspended,   sweatshirt,   symbol,   symbolism,   t-shirt,   table,   table setting,   tablet,   tails,   taklamakan,   taoist,   taoist monk,   tashkurgan,   tea,   teapot,   teashop,   teastall,   teenager,   teenagers,   teeshirt,   teeshirts,   teeth,   temple,   temple of heaven,   temples,   terracotta,   tethered,   text,   that,   the end,   the way forward,   thinking,   thought,   thousand,   threads,   three,   three-headed,   three people,   tiananmen,   tiananmen square,   ticket,   tie-dying,   tiled,   tiles,   time,   togetherness,   tomb,   tombs,   tombstone,   tools,   top,   tourism,   tourisms,   tourist,   tourist attraction,   tourists,   tower,   towers,   town,   trader,   traders,   traditional,   traditional clothing,   traditional culture,   traditional dancing,   traditional food,   traditional hat,   traditional pattern,   traditional portrait,   train,   tranquil scene,   transport,   transportation,   travel,   travel destinations,   travellers,   travelling,   tree,   trees,   trekker,   trimming,   truck,   tsedong,   turnstile,   turnstile entrance,   turpan,   twisting,   two,   two people,   uighur,   uighur diet,   uighur man,   uighur men,   umbrella,   umbrellas,   under,   uniform,   upper,   urban,   used,   vacations,   vegetable,   vegetables,   vehicle,   vertical,   vibrant colour,   village,   visit,   visitor,   visitors,   waistcoats,   wait,   waiting,   waits,   walk,   walking,   walks,   walkway,   walkways,   wall,   walls,   wandering,   war,   war memorial,   warrior,   warriors,   watch,   watches,   watching,   watch tower,   water,   waterscape,   water transport,   way,   weapon,   wearing,   weather,   weather-beaten,   weeds,   wenmiao,   western,   western script,   white,   white shirt,   wind,   window,   windows,   woman,   women,   wooden,   worker,   workers,   working,   working animals,   workshop,   writing,   wuwei,   xian,   xiao,   xiao ling tomb,   xinjiang,   xuan hua,   yak,   yaks,   yellow,   yellow-tiled,   yellow river,   yellow tiled,   yengisar,   yoke,   yongan,   yongjing,   yongyousi,   young,   young adult,   young man,   young men,   yungang,   yungang shiku,   yurt,   zhangye,   zhongwei,
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Reconstructed houses at the Pucara Walled City Ruins.Photographing the Quebrada de las Conchas landscape.
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Catholic cemetery for Nuns and Sisters at the Sisters of Charity Convent.

Catholic cemetery for Nuns and Sisters at the Sisters of Charity Convent..

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