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Answering some Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must I log in to view the photographs on this website ?
Why should I register ?
Can you tell me about Lightboxes ?


  • Q: Must I log in to view the photographs on this website ?
    A: No. You can view all of the photographs on this website without registering or logging in.
  • Q: Why should I register ?
    A: If you register on this website, you can create and save lightboxes. You can also manage your purchases and subscriptions.
  • Q: Can you tell me about Lightboxes ?
    A: This list explains the use of Lightboxes on the website:

    • A Lightbox is a private area where you can group together photographs that you are interested in.
    • Lightboxes are only visible when you have logged in.
    • Only you and the Website Administrator can see your Lightboxes.
    • Each Lightbox can contain up to 30 photographs.
    • You can Display, Add, or Remove photographs from your Lightbox at any time.
    • Each Lightbox can be given a Name of your choice, of up to 64 characters.
    • If you don't give your Lightbox a name, one will be provided.
    • You can (optionally) add Comments to each Lightbox, of up to 255 characters.
    • You can edit the Name or Comments to your Lightbox at any time.
    • No html or special characters are allowed, just A-Z, a-z, 0-9.
    • You can have as many Lightboxes as you need, but all older than 6 months may be deleted.


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Three Hindu holy men at the Ganges Yamuna river Sangam.Boats in deserted bay on the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca with distant Andes mountains.
Closeup of emu head on the Isla Pescado in the Uyuni Salt Flats.View over the Pucara Walled City Ruins.
Couple walking on the Uyuni Salt Flats at Isla Pescado.Many houses packed into the valley and slopes of the bowl of La Paz.
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Three Brazillian cowboys on horseback.

Three Brazillian cowboys on horseback..

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