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Sri Lanka > Seafood Processing > Tuna Sorting and Grading

Stock Photographs of Yellowfin Tuna Sorting and Grading

Map of Sri Lanka seafood purchasing and processing locations
Map, made by me, of the Purchasing and Processing centres used by Taprobane Seafoods (Pvt) Ltd.

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Woman in sari walks through Ganges River shallows at dawn for a ritual bath.Students gather outside a colorful colonial school building.
Two women work on a floral shield whilst a man in a red jacket watches.Pedestrian precinct busy with shoppers on the Calle Florida.
View over the city to the Cerro Rico mountain.Pilgrims bathe in crowded Ganges Yamuna River Sangam area before dawn.
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A small roadside village of mud-brick houses.

A small roadside village of mud-brick houses..

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